What is Chair Flow Yoga?

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Loftus Community Centre - “Ageless Chair Flow Yoga” Group

Chair Flow Yoga is a Yoga Therapy that is based on traditional Hatha Yoga practice and adapted by specialist yoga instructors. The Chair Yoga we practice combines rhythmic movement with engaged Yogic breathing, which is why it is called “Chair Flow Yoga” - we flow in and out of postures dynamically, before holding in static postures. The flowing movement helps develop more flexibility and range-of-motion (ROM).

Sri Shanthi Bhavana is a qualified teacher and registered practitioner with Inner Voyage Holistic Human Development (IVHHD) School of Meditation and Alternative Therapy. He is qualified to teach Chair Yoga and Meditation techniques.

Sri Shanthi Bhavana has developed “Chair Flow Yoga”, from the standard Chair Yoga practice. It is more dynamic and offers a range from very sedentry, gentle seated routines, to quite challenging standing and seated routines - across Levels 1 and 2, according to the needs of the individual. In this way, it follows the tradition of ViniYoga (in the Krishnamacharya tradition) of giving the student what is appropriate for them, at this time - respecting their age, fitness level, capability, injuries and medical conditions (often in collaboration or communion with their doctor or health care professional).

Chair Flow Yoga is a gentle form of yoga practiced while sitting on a chair, or standing with a chair for support. It is adaptable to everyone’s level of ability and a perfect way to achieve physical or mental fitness.

It is normally practiced by seniors and other people who are concerned about their mobility, their independence… having a better quality of life… how mobility affects mental and emotional health… and the balance factor: fall preventions, outdoor slipping and falling in bad weather or indoor accidents.

Yoga for seniors is very beneficial for so many aspects of life.

Chair Flow Yoga also benefits those with pre-existing health issues and/or weight problems. 

It has a positive effect on the mind and body. It can benefit everybody – all age groups and fitness levels!

Even younger people can suffer from problems which prevent them from being able to engage fully in a regular floor yoga practice, and people who are recovering from illness or an accident can also benefit from Chair Flow Yoga.

It benefits the mind, in a sense that it provides certain independence, and increases self-esteem in the life of those who practice Chair Flow Yoga.

It benefits every body part because it increases blood circulation, improves feet, toes, hand and finger movements, improves balance, stimulates the elimination of body toxins, improves posture, flexibility and mobility, muscle and bone health.    A balanced yoga practice has the ability to heal, shift energy blockages and bring into harmony physical, emotional and mental states.

Also, the social factor involved should not be ignored. Practicing Chair Flow Yoga with others who have similar physical conditions has a very positive effect in all areas of the body and mind.

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Another important part of any yoga is the relaxation or meditation techniques.

Meditation increases the blood flow and slows the heart rate. Excellent for those with high blood pressure; helps post-operative healing. Reduces anxiety attacks and emotional stress and decreases the ageing process.

Studies have shown that meditating regularly helps relieve symptoms in people who suffer chronic pain, as well as cancer patients. The neural mechanisms underlying the relief were unclear. Researchers have found that those who practiced meditation over an 8-week period were better able to control a specific type of brain wave called Alpha rhythms. These activities are thought to minimize distraction and help keep you focused. 

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