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(Views expressed here are from clients, students, teachers and mentors and are reproduced with their consent).


“Sri Shanthi Bhavana is an excellent, kind and dedicated teacher. All of those who study with him are fortunate. Highly recommended!… Great teacher!”


Your restorative practices are very good. Keep up the great work. Congratulations on all you are doing… 

Aum Shanti,


Larry Payne, Ph.D., C-IAYT,  Founding director, “Yoga Therapy” & “Prime of Life Yoga Programs”- Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles;  Founder, Yoga Program – UCLA Medical School;  Co-Founder, the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT);  Co Author "Yoga for Dummies", "Yoga Rx", & “Yoga Therapy and Integrative Medicine”


Dear Shanthi,

Your work is perfect!

You watch your students, you care about them, and help them at every turn. Your class is very safe and your guidance gives them the full experience.      It is gratifying to see you teach a class.                                                          

Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500
Director of Yoga Teacher Training
Aura Wellness Center
Massachusetts. USA


Dear Shanthi 
I've been in hospital today for a procedure under general anaesthetic. 
I was feeling anxious, so concentrated on my breathing. The anaesthetist and nurse both made comment on how relaxed I was and what a great 
slow steady heartbeat! 

When I came round, they asked what exercises I did, so told them walking, yoga & meditation and they said they wish everyone would learn yoga as it makes such a difference. 

So thank you for teaching me. 

Anita – Rockingham, Western Australia


Hi Shanthi

Just had to send you a very big thank you for the wonderful yoga.  On the last cruise I really struggled with the stairs, very sore hip and getting very out of breath.

The difference this time was really, really amazing... no sore hip and loads more endurance. You may have noticed your ears burning all the times I was telling Danny about it! 

Another fantastic session (today), and I think my legs are going to fall off!!  But seriously, another super class. 

You are so kind, dedicated and skilled, we are very fortunate to be able to work with you.

I have just got all the toes and fingers crossed that I will still be able to get to the new Shanthi Schedule... it's been the best yoga ever, I'm even doing it at home, I can't believe how much it improves my life,  thank you, thank you...

Thank you so much Shanthi. 



Chrissie Whetton – Therapeutic Restorative Yoga class, Rockingham, WA


Hi Sri Shanthi,

Your understanding of our PNF and other principles is excellent.

You are a bright light for Australia and the rest of the world

Aum Shanti


Larry Payne, Ph.D., C-IAYT,  Founding director, “Yoga Therapy” & “Prime of Life Yoga Programs”- Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles;  Founder, Yoga Program – UCLA Medical School;  Co-Founder, the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT);  Co Author "Yoga for Dummies", "Yoga Rx", & “Yoga Therapy and Integrative Medicine”


Sri Shanthi Bhavana’s DVD program is an excellent guide to yoga for those of all ages who are beginning to practice. He has developed it to be in tune with people’s unique body able-ness, such that even someone with limited movement ability can follow the steps and come up with a unique and meaningful daily practice. His gift is furthered by his deeply held values for a holistic framework of body, mind, and spirit and by his creativity and wisdom. In addition to his work as a yoga and meditation guide, Shanthi is a talented composer of music. The DVD includes some of his beautiful music on a bonus MP3 track.

I highly recommend this wonderful DVD from a teacher who mindfully walks his talk. 

Juliet Rohde-Brown, Ph.D. – Chair:  Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Integrative Therapy and Healing Practice, Pacifica University, Santa Barbara, California, USA


Dear Shanthi,

I feel my health is better now than in the past 8 years!

Much of the credit for this is attending your Yoga classes at the Loftus Community Centre.

I am now more flexible, have improved my balance, my shoulders no longer ache and my “restless” legs are under control. Much of the above were normal for me (particularly my flexibility) until I had cancer and the associated treatment – chemo therapy and radiotherapy (very debilitating).

Many thanks Shanthi!

‘Megan’ - aged 76 (real name withheld) Leederville, WA


Sri Shanthi Bhavana is an excellent and knowledgeable Yoga practitioner with a kind heart and great communication. Highly recommended.         Simon Miskin, Kwinana, WA  


We found the course and your presentation effective and enjoyable               –   a rare combination                                                                             Andrew & Kerry Richards,South Perth Learning Centre, WA  


Hi Shanthi,

I would like to see you again and talk soon about yoga for me. 

I have often referred people to you. I think you are the best yoga teacher I have ever been to Shanthi. I am more than happy to continue to promote yourself & Yuan.

Jacqueline Bartlett - Kinesiologist, Absolute Health Kinesiology,  Rockingham & Mandurah, WA


Hi Shanthi,

I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me (Yoga Therapy), for being so supportive and encouraging. These past months have been some of the darkest, most challenging I have ever faced and I am beyond grateful for the feeling of empowerment and support I received while working with you.

Tegan Faber - Busselton, WA


Sri Shanthi Bhavana is a great yoga instructor. I’ve done yoga for 20 years. And Shanthi is the best I’ve ever had – the experience to learn from. If you’re thinking of yoga, go to the right person who has spent years studying & learning from the best in the world.  I know of girlfriends who have gone to the gym and do Pilates, then suffered with neck & huge headaches. Please try going to see Shanthi.

He is very passionate and knows what he is doing – old, injured, or just wanting to have a strong body. Thank you Shanthi, you have helped me so much. 

Debbie Cain
Safety Bay, WA


I really enjoy all your Yoga sessions Shanthi, thank you… I feel so good afterwards, and the feeling lasts through the week. Friday is my favourite day of the week!

Celeste Sweeney - Chair Flow Yoga Class, Loftus Community Centre, Leederville, WA


You’re such an amazing teacher and I love how you engage with your students. Great Job!

Khim Teh - Shelley Beach Yoga Class, WA


Thank you so much for Yoga. You are a brilliant teacher.

Fran England & Ron Critchley - Chair Flow Yoga Class, Loftus Community Centre, Leederville, WA


I'm so happy, blessed and humbled... What a learning and all is for my greatest and best good... Sri Shanthi Bhavana  coming into my life to hold the space and support my new journey of reconnection and communion with my physical being and for being so god damned authentic, just when I needed authenticity in my life... you are a true visionary 

Leah Fewster - Shoalwater, WA


It was Devine to be part of the class with an awesome teacher...                    these comments are from my heart, for I feel blessed to have been in touch with a great yoga teacher.

Jaspreet Kaur - Indian Society of WA
Perth, WA


I absolutely loved your Introduction to Yoga and Introduction to Meditation classes last year. You have a wealth of knowledge which you share so generously. How to breathe, how to move correctly, how to blend the body and mind. You are inspirational and extremely talented.

Helen McLean,                                                                                                   Tuart Lakes National Lifestyle Village, Baldivis, WA


Another beautiful yoga session today... can't think of a better way to start the day! Thanks so much Sri Shanthi and your lovely wife.

Nancy Ross - Indian Society of WA Perth, WA


You were safe, clear, and thorough. You observe your students carefully and give precise instructions. Your cueing skills, asanas, assisting and lesson plan are strong. You have developed a very professional teaching style.

Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500
Director of Yoga Teacher Training
Aura Wellness Center
Massachusetts. USA


Hi Shanthi,

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your Restorative Hatha Yoga and Meditation class. I have only been to a few classes and already feel as though I am making a positive lifestyle change and not just a once a week session. Thank you so much for bringing these practices to my conscious level, I am looking forward to continuing along this journey with you.

Thanks again,

Melissa Stone,                                                                                                 Secret Harbour. WA


I would like to extend a warm thank you to you for providing Chair Yoga at the Rockingham Community Expo for Seniors and Carers 2014 on Thursday 6 November 2014 at the Gary Holland Centre.

We received wonderful feedback from the community, volunteers and stall holders regarding the high standard of performance, and the positive manner in which you engaged and entertained the audience.

On behalf of the Rockingham Community Expo for Seniors and Carers organisers including the City of Rockingham, Active Ageing Reference Group, Care Options and Carers WA, please accept my gratitude.

Julie McDonald, Acting Manager Community Capacity Building,                  City of Rockingham


Shanthi Bhavana has been teaching the 'Yoga for School Teachers Program' (YSTP) at lnglewood Primary School for more than 6 months.

It is a wonderful way to unwind at the end of a busy day teaching.

Shanthi comes to our school on a day and time that suits us. Generally up to 12 teachers attend and benefit from the weekly session.

Shanthi's Restorative Hatha Yoga includes a fitness and wellness program which includes a Mindfulness Meditation practice, helping to restore energy and bringing rejuvenation to the physical body and clarity to the mind. Yoga promotes greater health and longevity.

lt is a gentle, yet powerful health modality. We have found that we look forward to the weekly session, which brings rejuvenation to our bodies and minds.

Yours sincerely

Lesley Bell Principal                                                                                 Inglewood Primary School, WA                                                                              9 December 2014


Hi Shanthi,

Your class last night was beautiful. Thank you. Once again I left feeling connected to my body and at peace. It was just what I needed and more. I look forward to your next class and more Buddhist mindfulness.

You certainly are very talented. See you Monday.

Best regards,

Helen McLean,                                                                                                   Tuart Lakes National Lifestyle Village, Baldivis, WA


I am 73 years young and in recovery from 7 months of chemotherapy.
The chemo left my muscles and joints extremely stiff and sore, but with
the practice of yoga, my body is regaining its flexibility and strength.              
Joyce Porter,                                                                                                      Tuart Lakes National Lifestyle Village, Baldivis, WA


I loved your meditation sessions... I miss them... before I did your meditation sessions I could not meditate. Yours is the only one that works for me. I want to do more.             

Angie Forbes,                                                                                             Parmelia. WA


I really enjoy the Friday Yoga class and get a lot of benefit and enjoyment from it. Thanks again Shanthi.   

Margaret Browne,                                                                                               East Rockingham, WA


I have to say a BIG THANK YOU to Shanthi for being the ‘perfect teacher’,          so clear, so patient!  I have been a Yoga Student for well over half my life - that would be, over 32 years! - and I have had well over 12 teachers during that time. I have to say... “Shanthi” is ‘the best!’.

My most grateful thanks,

Jan x 

Jan Reeve,                                                                                            Rockingham. WA


Your sessions have been what I have desperately been needing but didn't  realise it until I was reacquainted with the sense of absolute peace that comes from yogic breathing and meditation.

Thank you so much!!                                                                              

Kathy Lamb,                                                                                                  Waikiki. WA


Shanthi... we are very happy to be back in your classes. That last meditation you did was just what I needed that day – thank you.  You are very good at what you do, no doubt about it.  Joyce & Wayne Ralston, Rockingham. WA

Yoga & Meditation Relaxation Music / Sound Therapy:

(in regard to Shanthi’s creation of therapeutic music and sound therapy tools for the "Optimal State 865 Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Program", California)

I have to tell you, it is so amazing what you have done.  This music will be here on earth long after you are gone and provide joy and comfort and clarity for many generations of people to come.  It was really beautiful to sit and listen to each one.  I loved them all!

Amy Wheeler, Ph.D. – C-IAYT,  Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist – Founding Director, "Optimal State", and the Healing Yoga Institute, California, USA

Current president of the Board, the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT)



We both had a chance to download and listen to all of the music that you composed for us. We both thought it is beyond amazing!!

You really brought the concepts into life! Zen sounds is such a lovely experience and Zen Music & Therapy Tools have such a great balance of sound and space. The Breath Ratios felt very calming, yet attention keeping. You are a master!!

We can’t thank you enough for your beautiful work, which is so harmonious with what we are doing! It is going to add a level of awe and inspiration for people, especially us, that wouldn’t have been possible without your art.

Much gratitude,

George Mantoan – Director of Sound Therapy, "Optimal State", and the Healing Yoga Institute, California, USA


Hi Shanthi,

What an experience! I scheduled in my meditation time this week and wanted to listen to one track a day. The second time I lost track of time and ended up sitting there until the CD had stopped. I couldn't even tell you what was spoken or how I was 'guided' through the experience at all. It was the combination of spoken and sounds and the background sounds that sent me off to another place. Thanks for the headphone tip, I really concentrated on the subtle sounds you mentioned and this was probably another contributing factor to why I was completely relaxed, in 'the zone' and did not have any random thoughts entering my head.

I will definitely be recommending this CD. It has exceeded my expectations in terms of being guided through meditation through visualising and allowed me to focus on something in particular so that my other thoughts would disappear. My mind has never felt so clear.

Thanks again for this experience, I'm already looking forward to Thursday night!  

Melissa Fitzgerald,                                                                                          Secret Harbour. WA


Special thanks to Shanthi for his exceptional music.  Looking forward to much more...

Calm Light # 4 is at the top of the hit parade at my Yoga center and the whole Seascape CD is rising fast on the charts :->
… you are a great composer!

Big Hugs,


Larry Payne, Ph.D. – Director & Co-Founder, Yoga Therapy Rx Program at Loyola Marymount University, LA, California, USA.  Co-Founder, the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), Director, Samata International - internationally prominent teacher, author and workshop leader on Yoga – LA, California, USA. Co author, “Yoga for Dummies,” “Yoga Rx” and “Yoga Therapy & Integrative Medicine"


It is official, your music is the only music that I want to play in my classes right now :-) This is the best yoga music that I have found. Yesterday I used Calm Light and Seascape in class - both were perfect for my yoga classes. What I really like is that I do not have to change the CD because a more energetic song begins, they are all so flowing from one to another. The CDs are good for class from start to finish.  

Amy Wheeler Ph.D – Professor at California State University – Instructor, Department of Kinesiology, California State University San Bernardino – Research Director of the Healing Yoga Foundation in San Francisco – Director of Yoga at Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa, Lake Arrowhead, California – Director & Founder of One Source Yoga – Director & Founder, Healing Yoga Institute, California, USA


I must tell you that even though we have received so many cd's in the past year, our favorite that we continue to flow to is YOURS! We’re honored to have your music here.  

Christina Souza ma – Founder: YogaHub.com - Los Angeles, USA


From: Christina Souza ma – duringYogaHub's 1st Annual Virtual World Yoga Conference (Feb. 19-21st, 2010)

We were so honored to receive this CD in the mail from Shanthi and I have to say that we have been playing it every morning for our yoga practice and so has Megan McDonough. I come from the line of doing body work and I work with a lot of frequencies from whales to essences to sounds, and it’s known to a lot of body workers that sound affects us on a cellular level as other frequencies do. Foods, sounds, water – everything around us – we are all energy, basically everything is made up of energy and depending on the frequency will shift the balance within us. Shanthi had gifted us his first yoga CD – and I am very sensitive to frequencies – when I first put it on and listened, from that very first moment I knew because I could feel the shifts beginning to happen and what I always say to those outside, if you can shift a geek… that’s sitting behind a computer all day… you’ve got gold, because they’re so focused on their computers and their screens all day. I had my team coming up going “what is that, who is that, what is that music, whose music is it?”. When they began to question it I knew it wasn’t just me, because I’m already sensitive… it truly affected everyone here to the point where every morning I hold a daily practice here at YogaHub and I’m not an instructor, but I just lead my team through a practice … just to open us up, you know, we’re sitting at computers all day, we’re sitting in chairs all day – just to get us grounded, especially when we are working at this (busy) level putting on a conference and your music Shanthi has kept everyone so grounded and calm. It is very powerful.

Truly, if I had more time and was still working on my clients, I would be playing this CD while I am doing the body work, because it’s amazing how for example from a body worker’s point of view, if someone has energy trapped in their body and no matter how much we work with it and that muscle or tendon doesn’t release, if I go in with a certain frequency even in my voice I can literally begin to feel that muscle or that part of the body begin to release. It’s amazing. Frequency is so powerful and I feel like we don’t pay enough awareness to how that affects us, and Shanthi I think you have hit on a brilliant level of the way you’re designing your music – and the instruments you choose to use – that, because to me you’re designing it from your passion and your heart, and not for the bottom line; it makes a huge difference on how it comes through to us and how we receive it. We’re honored to have your music here.

It’s very exciting… I think you’re truly onto something… I tell you one thing, we certainly look forward to it and also I’m sure a number of wellness practitioners will as well, especially those who are into any sort of body work or frequency work, I think that it will resonate with them extremely well. 

Christina Souza ma – Founder: YogaHub.com - Los Angeles, USA


Shanthi, a Buddhist yogi and healing music artist, combines sounds that resonate with the subtle energy centers of the body and mind. On the CD you’ll hear sounds from bells, the blowing of a conch or flute, gongs, or resonating bowls. And sometimes I swear I hear the sounds reverberating through my brain, as if they are originating from inside me instead of from the speakers. 

The track that I find myself going back to again and again is called The Sea Buoy. I’ve always been partial to the sound of the ocean—nothing gets me more relaxed than hearing waves lapping (or even crashing) against the shore. On this track, Shanthi has used the rhythm of waves to guide long, slow breaths. He describes this track as perfect for pranayama (breathing) exercise. With 55 beats per minute, the music is suited for a 4 beat inhalation, 4 beat retention, 4 beat exhalation, and 4 beat retention. 

That works, but I’ve also found that using this music for savasana automatically attunes the breath to the slow, rhythmic breathing without any conscious effort on the part of the practitioner. You just let your body go and the sounds carry your breath. There’s nothing to do, only to be, while the waves of sound wash through you.                                                                                                               

Megan McDonough – Yoga Instructor and Author: founder Yoga with Megan, and Mindful Marketing


This is wonderful!
I love your music – you are truly gifted and in your dharma.
Are you on Amazon?  How could I share with our community so they might get your CDs?
Thank you for sharing this with me.
Hugs and love,

Lissa Coffey – Author, Ayurveda writer: Coffey Talk.com


It’s nice, and very calm and peaceful – quite happiness. Thanks lots.               

Rev. Godigamuwe Seevalie, Thero – Chief Incumbent, Sri Wardanarama Buddhist Temple, Dankotuwa, Sri Lanka


There have been a plethora of studies on the effects of stress on the immune system and on mental health. The benefits of hypnosis, relaxation, and various mind/body approaches are now well-known, even among lay people.

Many musicians/composers have attempted to jump on the bandwagon, as it were, and to develop music that is promoted as “relaxation music.” However, much of this music that is touted as being beneficial actually appears to contribute to stress because it either moves too rapidly or has variations in tonal quality that force the person to sort of “keep up with the music.”

The distinction with Shanthi’s music is that, perhaps because of his own commitment to meditation, he truly understands how to work with tonal quality, how to guide the heart rate into a slower pace, and how to create a consistent sound to facilitate relaxed breathing. I have searched for years for just the right music and I have found it with Shanthi.                                  

Dr. Juliet Rohde-Brown - Integrative Clinical Psychologist and Educator / Core Faculty, PsyD Program / Director of Practicum, Antioch University Santa Barbara, California, USA


We listened to “Calm Light” as we drove down to Big Sur… What a
beautiful CD you have put together and how appropriate for us to listen to it as we drove down the coast. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful compilation. Your “Calm Light” CD is truly beautiful.

Michael A. Allen - Author: "Tao of Surfing ~ Finding Depth at Low Tide" – Santa Cruz, California. USA  


I am going to have to reorganize my life a little – and make more time for music like “Celestial”. I believe we often do know what we need, we just do not hear it and music can put us in a more state of mind to “hear” what we need.

I have been listening to “Celestial”. I have really enjoyed it. “Celestial” is really very beautiful. I read the front cover and it talked about visually stimulating music – it certainly is that. My creative energy was recently at a low ebb, I feel like “Celestial” helped me refocus, which is a special and precious wonderment. I often use music to get back the “right-brain energies” but not all music achieves this.   

Dr. Kathryn von Treuer – Clinical Psychologist, Melbourne, Victoria. Australia


I could really feel the difference in my body. Thank you, I never realized that music made such a difference.                                                      

Ginny Lott / 2011 YogaHub Conference (participant)


I have always heard others talk about chakras and I sort of got it. Now I can actually say I have more of an understanding through experience. Thank you.                                                                                                              

‘Fishers’ / 2011 YogaHub Conference (participant)

Zen Yoga Wellness

“Ancient Healing Therapy for Modern Times!” 

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