Sound Therapy - Nada Yoga (Meditation)

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What is Nada Yoga - Sound (Meditation) Therapy?

"Nada Yoga may be defined as the theoretical and the analytical understanding of the universal vibrational primordial sound, coupled with a dedicated practice of vibrational sounds at different levels of being for the purpose of attaining universal oneness”                          - Yogacharya Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani

The practice of Nada Yoga is a form of meditation on specific sounds, and sound frequencies. It may include performing japas, the chanting of mantrassinging bhajans, the use of nada pranaymas (such as bhramari and pranava), as well as humming and toning in specific frequencies, or passive listening to sounds of specific healing frequencies - to connect the eternal to the internal consciousness.

The Universe is sound (vibrational energy). Indian cuture is based on the sublimation and evolution from gross to subtle and beyond. 

According to the laws of yogic philosophy, and expressed perfectly and clearly by Dr. Balayogi Bhavanani, "Everyting in life is vibration. Health is the state of perfect oneness with the cosmic vibration. Illness is the result of dichotomy. When we are able to tune ourselves to the natural, universal vibrations, health occurs. We can think of health as a certain ‘state’ of cosmic vibration. When we are 'in tune' with that, and we are vibrating with it, we are truly happy and healthy. Every cell in our body vibrates in unison with that divine vibration, and in that state, it is producing cosmic music, even if we cannot hear it”.

Nada Yoga (meditation) is a stream of sacred sound that embraces Hatha Yoga and the spiritual connections of Indian music. It can help clear a busy mind, give strength to a weak voice and improve meditative concentration through the creation of external (ahata) sounds with internal (anahata) sounds.

The Nada Yoga system divides music and sounds into two categories: External, or so-called ’struck’ (ahaha) sounds - the external is conveyed to consciousness via sensory organs in the form of ears and tranformed in the brain to sensations of sound; and Internal or ‘unstruck’ (anahata) sounds. The anahata chakra (the Heart Chakra) is considered responsible for the reception of the internal music.

At Zen Yoga Wellness we use our own specially-created Zen Music as the basis for simple meditative consciousness on sounds to entrain the brain to learn external sounds so that we can recall or ‘replay’ them at anytime - using them as internal sounds for the benefit of creating a single object of focusing as a way to learn to relax and let go, find inner peace, and create stillness as a path towards meditation.

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Benefits of Nada Yoga

Some of the many benefits of practicing Nada Yoga (Sound Therapy Meditation), include:

 - Better Sleep                                                                                                    - Focused Mind                                                                                                  - Enhanced Mental Clarity                                                                                  - Overcome Anxiety                                                                                            - Pacifying Tremors in Parkinson’s Disease                                                      - Reducing Stress                                                                                              - Reducing Pain related to Auto-Immune Deficiency / Chronic Pain         Syndrome / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Myofascial Pain Syndrome                - A path towards creating inner peace                                                                - A preparation and key tool in learning how to Meditate

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A sample of Zen Music's Nada Yoga program:

Zen Ambient_01 (Zen Mountain)

Zen Ambient_11_1st Chakra_C2+C3+C#3_MIX_20-Mins

First Rain 2_9 mins (rain with thunder)

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