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Sri Shanthi Bhavana is a Yoga and Meditation teacher, educator and artist (writer for international publications, musician and composer, music producer, photographer and filmmaker). As an international recording artist Shanthi has created and produced 35 music, soundscape and spoken word albums available world-wide through more than 50 online international distributors, and directly at ZEN MUSIC online store, as well as the instructional Yoga DVD, Hatha Yoga & Restorative Practice, and 12-hours of online Video Tutorials via YouTube (for our registered clients)

Yoga DVD

For all the Yoga students who asked for a Yoga DVD of our regular class practice so they could do it at home…

Here is it… 

Hatha Yoga & Restorative Practice"

2 hours 46 minutes 2-disc DVD, with easy-to-find chapters

Hatha AsanasVinyasa flow movement, Restorative Postures,  including modifications, postural alignments, Yogic breath control, and guided meditations.

An ideal primer Yoga tution DVD for beginners to Hatha and Restorative Yoga, and a practice program for experienced yogins.

Give the gift of Yoga today! ...  to yourself, or to someone you care about.

Yoga for LIFE!

Now shipping worldwide!

Contact Shanthi to order your copy now:

Hatha Yoga DVD Slick artwork Front Flattened

Released November 1, 2016

Sri Shanthi Bhavana’s DVD program is an excellent guide to yoga for those of all ages who are beginning to practice. He has developed it to be in tune with people’s unique body able-ness, such that even someone with limited movement ability can follow the steps and come up with a unique and meaningful daily practice. His gift is furthered by his deeply held values for a holistic framework of body, mind, and spirit and by his creativity and wisdom. In addition to his work as a yoga and meditation guide, Shanthi is a talented composer of music. The DVD includes some of his beautiful music on a bonus MP3 track.

I highly recommend this wonderful DVD from a teacher who mindfully walks his talk. 

Juliet Rohde-Brown, Ph.D. – Psychologist;                                                                Director of Clinical Training and Core Faculty, Clinical Program;                         Chair – Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Integrative Therapy and Healing Practice, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, California, USA

Yoga Video Tutorials - YouTube

Scolisis YT STILL 028

12-Hours of Yoga Tutorials and Yoga Therapy Case Studies

For all our registered students and private clients - this series of Yoga Tutorials  and Yoga Therapy Case Studies is designed to assist and complement our individually-designed and recommended Yoga programs. To access the links for this 12-hour resource of Video Yoga Tutorials and Yoga Therapy Case Studies, contact Shanthi:


                  Shanthi / Haight-Ashbury arts precinct, San Francisco, USA

                    Music Soundscape Audio Programs                   ~ Yoga, Meditation, Sound Therapy, and Ambient Relaxation ~      

Produced by Sri Shanthi Bhavana  

  Copyright: Sri Shanthi Bhavana/Energi Music/Zen Music

Please Visit the “Zen Music” page on this site, and follow links to download from our ZEN MUSIC online store, or popular online streaming distributors: 

Link to: “ZEN MUSIC” Page on this site or go directly to:

Recommended Health-Related Practitioners & Organisations

* Samata Yoga International - Larry Payne Ph.D / C-IAYT - Home of "Yoga After 50" / "Prime of Life Yoga & “Yoga Therapy Rx"                        

* Optimal State - Yoga Therapy Teacher Training - Amy Wheeler Ph.D / C-IAYT

* YogaHub - New Media for Health & Wellness - Christina Souza ma

* Yoga Institute - Michale de Manincor                  

* IMTA                                                               

* Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram.                                       

* Svastha Yoga and Ayurveda                                            

* Seaside Therapy Center - Dr. Juliet Rohde-Brown

* Imagery International                                 

* Dhammaloka - Buddhist Society, Perth, WA                      

* Columbus Recovery Center - "How to Use Yoga in Addiction Recovery”

* "Financial Assistance for Those Recovering From Addiction Guide”

* "Denver Recovery Center - Signs of Addiction”

“Drug Rehab - Types of Therapy/Yoga”

Mesothelioma & Yoga”

“Alcohol Rehab Guide          

“Rehab Spot                                    

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Zen Music

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