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Adaptive - Rehabilitative - Therapeutic

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Therapeutic Yoga: bringing Balance to Body, Mind & Spirit

- Small Private Group Yoga classes

- Functional Group therapy sessions (offering Therapeutic Yoga to clients with similar conditions)

- Private one-on-one Therapeutic Yoga sessions (offering private Therapeutic Yoga to individual clients)

Adapted Therapeutic Yoga 

~ designed for the individual ~

All Yoga is not the same - My Yoga health programs are personalised, in-person and via online video, adapted and designed to suit each individual’s needs right now.

Private Therapeutic Yoga - taught by an authentic Yoga acharya (someone who teaches from life experience). Because of my life experience, I can help you move beyond suffering, find greater health, relaxation and inner peace.

- What do you need? - What is your pain? - How do you suffer?

- What is the cost to you if you don't take action today to learn how to self-help and manage your health needs?

- I can hep you - Can YOU afford not to take action today?

- Contact Shanthi to discuss your personalised Yoga health program and have a personal assessment:



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YOGA as Applied Therapy:  Health and Wellness through Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation & Massage

Therapeutic Yoga

Integrating Restorative Yoga and Yoga Therapy techniques, this practice is especially suited to people suffering injury or illness, loss or limited range of movement or flexibility challenges. It can be practiced through gentle floor (mat), standing and/or chair-adapted routines. It is adapted and modified to suit every individual, designed by Sri Shanthi Bhavana to suit each client's needs and delivered as therapy: Therapeutic Yoga – for Recovery and Rehabilitation.

Highly recommended!… Your Restorative practices are very good.        A bright light for Australia… and for the rest of the world!

Congratulations on all you are doing. Keep up the great work, Shanthi!    – Dr. Larry Payne – Director & Co-Founder, Yoga Therapy Rx Program at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles; Founder, Yoga Program – UCLA Medical School;  Co-Founder, the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

What is Adaptive Therapeutic Yoga?

Adaptive Therapeutic Yoga: Restorative Yoga postures and techniques and Yoga Therapy techniques intended to correct or improve deficiency, imbalance and dis-ease in the body, mind or spiritual connection – to utilize universal energy to maintain health and wellness, or nurture, cure or correct something that is out-of-place. 

Therapeutic Yoga (Yoga Cikitsa)                                                              In ancient Sanskrit language, Yoga Cikitsa means:                            “medical or healing Yoga”. From the ancient Indian healing pratcice of Cikitsa Krama, meaning: “therapeutic orientation"

Therapeutic Yoga usually implies that a practitioner is working with a client one-on-one because they have a malady or special situation making it not possible for them to participate in a group class.

The most common problems treated by Yoga Therapists are musculoskeletal such as lower back, neck, hips, or shoulder problems; as well as heart disease, MS, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, hypertension, diabetes, and numerous other physiological maladies. Yoga Therapy is also effective for many psychological and spiritual disorders.

A Yoga Therapist is limited to rehabilitation or chronic pain, not acute pain. They do not diagnose a client’s condition, but work with a medical physician to give rehabilitative treatment in accordance with the medical advice received. In this way, a Yoga Therapist works collaboratively with medical practitioners, offering complementary treatment in support of the doctor’s diagnosis and advice.

One-on-One Therapeutic Yoga can be of great benefit to many older people. Based in the ancient Yoga practice of Cikitsa (Citkitsa: ancient healing Yoga that addresses practice from a therapeutic perspective), this form of Yoga that incorporates the sheer joy of the body in movement, can help with many problems associated with age, injury, medical conditions, inflexible joints and limited movement (Range of Motion ROM). 

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An essential component of Yoga is to increase the quality of blood and its efficient flow throughout the body. In this practice we develop strong foundations through postural alignment, strengthening of the neuromuscular system and joint stability - leading to steady, joyful progress while minimising pain and the risk of injury.

Sri Shanthi Bhavana offers private One-on-One Therapeutic Yoga sessions to all his students, and private clients and also incorporates this Yoga into all his group classes - offering it as Vini Yoga:  "Yoga that is appropriate to every individual”.

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Therapeutic Yoga with Raymond ‘Fred’ Bartholomew, age 94! 

Sri Shanthi Bhavana is a fully certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Massage Therapist with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and a registered Yoga Teacher with the AURA Wellness Center, Massachusetts, USA.

He specializes in Therapeutic and Restorative Yoga, that focuses on a person’s whole being:  their physical condition and repatriation, emotional and spiritual healing, and overall rejuvenation of vitality, as well as assisting people suffering with injuries or medical conditions towards renewed health and well-being.

All Sri Shanthi Bhavana’s work is grounded in the traditional Yoga healing philosophy of Vini Yoga:  “to give the Yoga that is most appropriate to each individual, with respect for their age, fitness level and injuries/medical conditions”. It is always about the individual!

Some of the Many Benefits of Regular Yoga

                        *  Stress Reduction

                        *  Improved Flexibility

                        *  Increased Range-of-Motion (ROM)

                        *  Improved Circulation

                        *  Improved Muscle Tone & Strength

                        *  Improved Balance

                        *  Increased Vitality & Overall Sense of Well-Being

                        *  Improved Sleep & Relaxation

                        *  Reduced High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

                        *  Stimulates detox of the body – delays Ageing

                        *  Reduces Moods/Reduces Anxiety & Depression

Adaptive Therapeutic Yoga is Rehabilitation for bodies and minds – it is Preventative health maintenance – Extremely beneficial for people suffering or recovering from illness, injuries, chronic conditions or with specific needs, including low energy, loss of confidence, low esteem, and limited flexibility and range of movement.  

Therapeutic Yoga involves physical postures, breathing practices, relaxation techniques and meditation to help restore body and mind – bringing balance and promoting natural healing. 

Therapeutic Yoga can usually be practiced in conjunction with medical treatment provided you have consulted your medical practitioner before starting a class. Many of our clients are referred by doctors, medical specialists, chiropractors, physiotherapists and other medical and health practitioners, for Remedial Yoga therapy.

Adaptive Therapeutic Yoga is a personal Yoga program designed for each individual and given as prescribed therapy; to assist a person with medical conditions or injuries; to bring healing and relief from pain, discomfort and misalignment; to help manage stress; and to deliver wellness and vitality!

It is designed to awaken energy reserves in the body, by unlocking blockages and move vital energy to every vital organ and all tissue, and bring about health and wellness through movement, breath techniques and relaxation of body and mind. This combination of correct movement (stretching and releasing), breath/energy control (Pranayama) and Relaxation (focused Meditative Awareness) is called Yoga, and when applied as a prescriptive therapy it continues the ancient tradition of Yoga and Ayurveda that has been used by hundreds of millions of people for more than 5,000 years. It can be practiced on a yoga mat, or sitting in a chair, standing, or lying on a bed!

What's the Procedure?

Therapy begins with a private consultation to assess a person’s health and level of fitness, including the layers of energy levels:

 Physical – Skeletal system (bones, tendons, ligaments, connective tissue, muscles)

 Physiological – Vital Organ system (Heart, Lungs, Liver, Kidneys, Adrenals, Endocrine, Intestines)

 Psychological – Mental and Emotional

 Spiritual – our connection to the universe and higher consciousness

 During this session, Shanthi Bhavana evaluates your case history and current signs and symptoms, and then designs a yoga practice that delivers an individualised, prescriptive set of yoga postures and breathing exercises, delivered as yoga therapy, and taught in a series of regular 'one-on-one' personal sessions (and sometimes in small group classes called, Restorative Clinic). This is often done in consultation and collaboration with your medical practitioner (GP, specialist, chiropractor or physiotherapist). 

During private 1:1 therapy sessions, Relaxation Massage Therapy is also offered. These sessions can be focused on specific physical areas of the body, or Whole Body Massage, including Face, Stomach and Neck and Head.

Medical and health practitioners often refer clients to Shanthi Bhavana for Adaptive Therapeutic Yoga.

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Adaptive Therapeutic Yoga delivers all the major and minor benefits that regular Yoga offers – only given with focused attention in private sessions, or small group sessions, enabling the individual to apply and gain the therapeutic benefits quicker. These benefits include:

  Injury or illness recovery

  Awareness & Perception of movement and spatial orientation 

  Eye/Brain/Limb Co-ordination

  Strengthening and conditioning – muscles & connective tissue

  Assisting with the Correction of motor patterns

  Correct Breathing techniques – enhance Breath Capacity

  Endurance and Stamina building

  Core Strength and Stabilisation

•  Improve Flexibility & Range of Motion (Movement)

•  Physical Rehabilitation – Strength, Movement, Balance

  Stress Relief - Relaxation & Meditation techniques

  Manage Stress, Anxiety, Hypertension, Depression

  Detox the Endocrine and Digestive systems

  Strengthen Immune system

  Strengthen, Align Skeletal body - Back, Neck, Hips, Shoulders, Limbs

•  Strengthen - Osteo: weight-bearing from strengthening bones

  Strengthen Respiratory system

  Build Core strength  

  Unlock energy blockages in the Subtle Anatomy (Chakra system)

  Live a long healthful life of wellness and vitality! 


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Highly recommended!… Congratulations on all you are doing…      Keep up the great work, Shanthi!                                                                  Dr. Larry Payne – Director & Co-Founder, Yoga Therapy Rx Program at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles; Co-Founder, world’s first Yoga Therapy Clinic,       Los Angeles, with Dr. Leroy R. Perry of the world-famous International Sportsmedicine Institute, Los Angeles; Founder, Yoga Program – UCLA Medical School; Co-Founder,   International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT)

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Dear Shanthi,                                                                                             Your work is perfect!  You watch your students, you care about them, and help them at every turn. Your class is very safe and your guidance gives them the full experience. It is gratifying to see you teach a class.  Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500 – Director of Yoga Teacher Training, AURA Wellness Center, Massachusetts. USA

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I would like to see you again and talk soon about yoga for me. I have often referred people to you. I think you are the best yoga teacher I have ever been to Shanthi. I am more than happy to continue to promote yourself & Yuan.                                                                              Jacqueline Bartlett – Kinesiologist, Absolute Health Kinesiology, Rockingham & Mandurah, WA

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Hi Shanthi,                                                                                                        I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me (Yoga Therapy), for being so supportive and encouraging. These past months have been some of the darkest, most challenging I have ever faced and I am beyond grateful for the feeling of empowerment and support I received while working with you.                                                                  Tegan Faber – Busselton, WA


I'm so happy, blessed and humbled... What a learning and all is for my greatest and best good… Sri Shanthi Bhavana coming into my life to hold the space and support my new journey of reconnection and communion with my physical being and for being so god-damned authentic, just when I needed authenticity in my life...                           you are a true visionary.                                                                                 Leah Fewster – Shoalwater, WA


Sri Shanthi Bhavana is a great yoga instructor. If you’re thinking of yoga, go to the right person who has spent years studying & learning from the best in the world.  I know of girlfriends who have gone to the gym and do Pilates, then suffered with neck & huge headaches.   Please try going to see Shanthi. He is very passionate and knows what he is doing. Thank you Shanthi, you have helped me so much.                Debbie Cain – Therapeutic Yoga class, Westerly Family Centre, Cooloongup, WA


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Sri Shanthi with ‘Fred' Bartholomew - Age: 94

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- What do you need?

- What do you expect to gain from doing this Yoga program?

- What is the cost to you if you do not take action today to learn to self help your health needs?

- Can you afford not to take action today?

- Contact Shanthi to discuss your personalised Yoga health program:



One YOGA… Yoga for LIFE!

Zen Yoga Wellness

“Ancient Healing Therapy for Modern Times!" 

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