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Hatha ~ Therapeutic / Restorative ~ Chair ~ Meditation

All Yoga is not the same - My Yoga health programs are personalised, in-person and via online video, adapted and designed to suit each individual’s needs right now.

Private Therapeutic Yoga - taught by an authentic Yoga acharya (someone who teaches from life experience). Because of my life experience, I can help you move beyond suffering, find greater health, relaxation and inner peace.

- What do you need? - What is your pain? - How do you suffer?

- What is the cost to you if you don't take action today to learn how to self-help and manage your health needs?

- I can hep you - Can YOU afford not to take action today?

- Contact Shanthi to discuss your personalised Yoga health program and have a personal assessment:



Private Sessions:  Now accepting Bookings                         Shanthi offers both private 1:1 Yoga Tuition, and small Function Group Yoga sessions, based in Therapeutic Yoga, designed for each individual, as follows:

Small Private Functional Groups                                            Small number of students, all share similar needs (injuries, medical conditions, pain points) - this session caters specifically for people suffering with similar conditions and needs                                       

Private 1:1 Tution and Mentoring                                     Individual students - this session caters specifically for people suffering with particular conditions and needs, working personally with the Yoga acharya (Teacher, therapist) 

Public Group Classes:  No Public Classes Available at This Time

Yoga Sangha Group - Saturdays:  Now accepting Bookings 

Yoga Sangha 2019 16

Yoga Sangha Saturdays - Two Sessions Available

Small Private Functional Group Yoga practice Saturdays at 9:30am and 2:00pm (by appointment) a community for the personal development of health, focused self-management, and self-healing through Adapted Therapeutic Yoga and the ancient philosophies of healing Yoga (Cikitsa) as taught in the Krishnamacharya(Patanjali) tradition, and also using elements of healing Tibetan and Zen Yoga traditions.

To make a booking or enquiries, please contact Shanthi:   (0466) 480-369

Meditation: Shanthi is not currently offering group community classes, but is available to run small group, or individual private sessions. Bookings are essential. As Meditation is, however, the basis for all traditional Yoga practices, Meditation is very much a central focus of all Zen Yoga Wellness Programs.                 

Workshops:  No Workshops Available at This Time

See Courses & Workshops page (click here)

Group Chair Flow Yoga

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chair yoga 0038-2 med-2 med hr



Other Courses Coming...

Yoga, Chair Yoga, Relaxation & Meditation, Sound Healing...   

  • Yoga Workshop
  • Yoga Classes - Perth
  • Meditation Classes & Workshops
  • Therapeutic Workshops
  • Sound Healing Workshops 

Also available...

Private tuition in Yoga practice and Meditation

  • Restorative & Meditative Yoga Practice - Designing a Personal Home Practice
  • One-on-One Private Yoga Therapy sessions
  • Meditation - a Personal Practice  
  • Chair Yoga - Designing a Personal Home Practice
  • Sound Healing / Relaxation / Sleep Therapy
  • Relaxation Whole Body Massage


Rejuvenating the mind, body & spirit

Contact Shanthi for more details:   (0466) 480-369

Yoga in the City of Nanning, Guangxi Province, People's Republic of China

Contact for more info:   (0466) 480-369

Cell: (0466) 480-369

Int. 61-466-480-369

With gratitude...

Shanthi Bhavana Yoga Wellness would like to acknowledge and pay our respects to the traditional owners of the land, the local Noongar people, for allowing us the honour and privellege of running our classes on this sacred land... thank you!

I wish to also thank all my students for suporting our yoga - for being part of these community health and wellness programs since 2011. 

Thanks to my teachers and yoga mentors and friends both here and around the world, especially Larry Payne, Ph.D., and Amy Wheeler, Ph.D.,  for their teaching, friendship and long support. And for their wisdom. Thank you for believing in me. Through you a wonderful tradition that is more than 5,000 years old has been handed down and I have the opportunity and privilege to honour and humbly continue your great work, and the work of our masters. I honour the long tradition of yoga, and of yogic and dhamma philosophy, and respect the teaching tradition and lineage of Sri Bhagavan Patanjali, Sri T. Krishnamacharya, the Buddha and all yogic and dhamma sages. 

For your generous support, and dedication to Yoga, may you all be blessed with merit and the unconditional gift of Yoga.

With love, light & metta.

OM Namah!

OM Namaskaram!


Zen Yoga Wellness

“Ancient Healing Therapy for Modern Times!" 

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