Benefits of Yoga

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Benefits of Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation & Sound Healing

The health, wellness and spiritual benefits of practicing yoga have been known in India and the East for thousands of years. 

More recently - during the last forty years - Yoga has been introduced, popularized and practiced as a form of holistic health regime in the West. It is now recognized in the West as a major contributor to maintaining good posture and a healthy body and offers benefits in clearing and controlling busy minds, as well as helping us to align with universal consciousness and our spiritual Self.

Psychological Benefits of Yoga

  • Somatic and kinesthetic awareness increase
  • Mood improves and subjective well-being increases
  • Self-acceptance and self-actualization increase
  • Social adjustment increases
  • Anxiety, depression & hostility decreases
  • Concentration improves
  • Memory and attention span improves
  • Learning ability improves
  • Social skills increase
  • Attention span improves


Biochemical Benefits of Yoga

  • Glucose & Sodium decreases
  • Total cholesterol decreases
  • Triglycerides decrease
  • HDL cholesterol increases
  • LDL & VLDL cholesterol decreases
  • Cholinesterase increases
  • Catecholamines decrease
  • Haemoglobin & Hematocrit increases
  • Lymphocyte count increases
  • Total white blood cell count decreases

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a fun, safe way for people to gain most of the benefits of traditional yoga... 

It is a gentle form of yoga based on traditional Hatha Yoga principles - a breath/movement modality that is practiced sitting on a chair or standing with a chair for support, and is adaptable to everyone’s level of ability and fitness and a perfect way to achieve physical and mental wellness. It can be practiced in a wheelchair.

  • It is gentle - not physically demanding
  • It improves balance and builds confidence
  • It helps develop a sense of wellbeing
  • It improves circulation and muscle tone
  • Each session includes a guided relaxation meditation

Physiological Benefits of Chair Yoga

  • Stabilizes autonomic nervous system equilibrium
  • Pulse rate decreases
  • Respiratory rate decreases
  • Blood Pressure decreases
  • Galvanic Skin Response increases
  • EEG - alpha waves increase (theta, delta, and beta waves also increase during various stages of Meditation)
  • Cardiovascular efficiency increases
  • Respiratory efficiency increases
  • Gastrointestinal function normalizes
  • Excretory functions improve
  • Musculoskeletal flexibility & joint range increase
  • Lung capacity increases
  • Joint range of motion increase
  • Grip strength increases
  • Eye-hand coordination improves
  • Dexterity skills improve
  • Reaction time improves
  • Posture improves
  • Strength and resiliency increase
  • Endurance increases
  • Energy level increases
  • Weight normalizes
  • Sleep improves
  • Immunity increases
  • Pain decreases
  • Steadiness and balance improves
  • Depth perception improves

Meditation & Relaxation

Meditation and relaxation techniques were initially developed in ancient India. Meditation can be a powerful modality to bringing about personal growth, change and physical, mental and spiritual growth, as well as “union” with universal energy and higher consciousness.

Meditation is a safe and simple way to balance a person’s physical, emotional and mental state and has been a part of diverse cultures around the world. The value of meditation to alleviate suffering and promote healing has been known and practiced for thousands of years.

Some of the benefits of practicing Meditation & Relaxation include…

•  More clarity of thought 

•  Greater self-confidence

•  Improved self-esteem 

•  Better sleep 

•  More physical energy 

•  Increased motivation 

•  Improvements in general health 

•  Assistance in the treatment of illness and disease

•  A sense of physical, mental & emotional wellbeing 

•  A significant reduction in the effects of stress

Chanting, Sound Toning & Sound Healing

What is Sound Healing?
Sound Healing - founded on the premise that all matter is vibrating as specific frequencies - is the conscious use of sound energy vibrations to positively affect the subtle energy systems of the body and promote wellness in the human system, including the expansion of consciousness. Sound Healing can include the practice of Chanting, Toning and Meditating to specific tonal frequencies, sounds and music and are some of the most powerful modalities for resonating sound energy throughout the body.

Sound Healing Therapy using resonating Tibetan or Nepalese singing Bowls is an ancient and effective healing modality that can help to reduce stress and tension, relieve pain in the body, improve over-all wellness and aid concentration, awareness and mindfulness and can deliver very positive assistance to people suffering serious illness, including cancer and those undergoing Chemotherapy.

Some benefits of Chanting, Sound Toning & Sound Healing include...

  • Aids deep relaxation
  • Supports deep restorative meditation 
  • Helps to reduce stress & tension in the body
  • Assists in combating the “Fight or Flight” Response
  • Aids depressions & anxiety 
  • Helps chronic fatigue 
  • Supports pain management in the body
  • Helps boost immune system
  • Supports cancer patients undergoing Chemotherapy
  • Improves concentration
  • Tones & energizes Chakras and auric field
  • Gain confidence
  • Unlocks blockages in the body
  • Increases vitality, joy & happiness

Zen Yoga Wellness

“Ancient Healing Therapy for Modern Times!" 

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